Jacek Chocolate

JACEK Chocolate Couture was started as a one woman show in late in 2009 in a basement in Sherwood Park, and now includes a production facility, three retail boutiques and an online store.

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Ch Ch Changes

Jacek had a specific set of challenges when they approached me to rede- sign their website as well as integrating into their new P.O.S. software. As there would be a lot of people logging in and creating products, fulfilling orders and posting stories, I decided the WordPress cms was the right choice.

Details and Highlights

Jacek’s product and cart page, both simple and minimalistic to ensure the products are the most important piece of content. Jacek has great product packaging and the site was designed to compliment that.

Custom Custom

A custom theme was created for Jacek and a lot of their branding and personality was incorporated. The aesthetic is roomy and elegant. Interactions are made to resemble the material design that google has incorporated. Most of the action for this site is behind the scenes as it incorporates multiple locations, a vast array of products and dynamic shipping rates.

The result of my efforts is Jacek’s continued success and growth, including a spike in online purchases the year after the site launched.