Fresh Tracks


Fresh Tracks is a Snowboard Progression Camp being offered in the Canadian Rockies. Currently it is a women’s only event, but i’ve heard rumblings of a men’s camp. The idea is that the coaches take the ladies, who must be 18+, out to the resort and show them how to get the most of their day. This means everything from teaching thme park skills to showing them the best spots to explore on a pow day, it really depends on the group. Their focus is on having a progressive environment for these gals and making sure they have a blast!

Meagen asked me to produce a few sketches for their logo. She wanted something timeless and that fit into the very logo-ridden world of snowboarding. I had a few ideas sketched and mocked up a few logos. Her and her team responded in a way every designer dreams of – “We like them all!” We chatted some more and they eventually chose the mark at the top of this page.

Unused marks:

With big plans for the 2017/18 season, expect to see a website for registration as well as some stickers and other printed products. If you’re reading this and think – “Hey, that sounds like fun!,” get in touch with me and i’ll forward your info along.